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Building on the past to express a form of modernity... A reinterpretation that sublimates the lessons of the past in a burst of creative joy. Such has been the approach followed since its creation when Nathan-Baume first presented its exclusive shoe collection created from the finest leathers - notably exotic skins. The range gradually expanded and includes travel bags, briefcases, computer cases, ...yet the craftsmanship never lost his particular inclination for small leather goods, which require considerable skill and know-how in addition to an eye for detail and great dexterity. Nathan-Baume took a new dimension with the launch of the jewels collection in silver and gold, accessories like silk scarves, gloves, hats, umbrellas... Welcome to style and glamour, functionality and magic, senses and feelings. Welcome to you.

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Crinkles is a Belgian leather goods brand that produces quality and fresh collections from the finest leathers

every season. Every shoe is perfectly finished down to the smallest details. The practical and comfortabel fitting make these shoes a real must-have. A wide selection of shoes can be found on our site. Chic and formal or rather hip and casual, at Crinkles they have a shoe for every occasion. 

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